english teacher

…this as in cancelled classes in college. My english teacher just came into class today and literally said, “Hi guys. So I have a huge headache right now. Would I be a terrible teacher if I told you guys to just go home and work on your drafts?” We all gave her a hug and left loL.

BTW the picture above doesn’t look like my teacher. I think she’d be seriously offended if she somehow came upon my WordPress and saw that loL.


intervarsity logo

It’s been a while since I wrote about going to church. Anyway, my hour-long class today only lasted 1/2 hour so I came back and felt like I should update. I joined a Christian fellowship in Bing called InterVarsity. It’s actually an international thing and the picture above is basically the logo and goal of InterVarsity. Since I’ve been at Bing, I’ve checked out two churches: Twin Orchard and UCCC. I liked UCCC more and the lead singer for worship was amazing man!

The first week of UCCC talked about baptism. That is something that is still far ahead in my future so I didn’t completely take full interest in the message, although it was educational. This previous Sunday’s message hit me though. The message talked about finding ourselves with God and where we stand with Him. It was a good message for both believers and non-believers. I felt like God was trying to put himself to work in us because I brought a non-believer friend to UCCC that week for the first time and the message hit dead-on. I found that pretty amazing. The message also reminded me that our walk with God is up to ourselves. If suddenly, there was no more church or no more Sunday services, it is still on us to keep our walk with God.

When I went the first week to UCCC, it wasn’t the message that hit me. It was something else. I saw a person in the front doing sign language to those who were mute or deaf. I also saw another person that was disabled at UCCC. Then, I started thinking to myself: What gives me the right to live without any disabilities? What gives me the right to be happy? I mean, when you see that disabled people still go to church and still have faith in God, that truly stands out.

Yeah, I know…not many people view my WordPress. But dang, look at that. 110 views at the moment I took it. When I first clicked on stats and I saw that, I was like “woah is that a glitch???” Look at that rollercoaster-looking chart. Oh man. And Joel complains when he doesn’t get like views in the triple digits each day.

one tree hill

One Tree Hill is Back! I watched it today at Winnie’s crib. If you haven’t watched the episode yet and are planning to do so, don’t read further. Well, I guessed wrong that Lucas would’ve called Brooke, but it was actually Peyton. And that crazy, twisted nanny comes back. Yo, she is one freaky *beep. I’m starting not to like the show because everything is turning violent. Someone gets run over, someone gets robbed. When things look good, it all just goes down. It just has to go sad. What happened to good ol’ days of an episode of Friends.

They played Flo Rida and Will.i.am. in the episode. “Make me throw my hands in the ayer ay ayer ayer ay ayer” =]

Hey guys. I finally found the time to update a little bit. I’m a little lazy right now to update about Florida and the beginning of Binghamton. Plus, I still need to upload the pictures and stuff. So I’ll talk about the Olympics.

Shawn Johnson

Nastia Liukin

I have the hugest crush on Shawn Johnson right now. Oh boy, is she the cutest thing alive or what? Did you guys see her interview? She has the most adorable voice and smile man. For once, I have a .000001 % chance with my celebrity crush. Nastia Liukin, on the other hand, is too tall for me, but she is sexayyy! She got robbed of the gold medal in one of the competitions because she got tied for the highest score and the tiebreaking rules were damn straight bullcrap. I have a new crush on gymnastics itself! And no, it’s not only because of Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin, although Shawn is a big part of it. It is some difficult stuff yo! Can you do 4 crazy flips consecutively? I don’t think so. And guess what they have in college? Gymnastics! Woots!

Redeem Team

Congratulations to the USA “Redeem Team” for winning the gold. Both the men’s and women’s USA basketball teams just flat out dominated in the Olympics. I give credit to Spain for coming close, but then I always get reminded of that controversial picture. That was some unnecessary racist thing they did, at least in my opinion. When I first saw it, I was just like W.T.F. yo. But I saw USA kick their butts so I’m good now. Yeah, I saw the game at 2:30AM, and with Wendy nonetheless loL. I also just wanted to say that Marc Gasol looks like a freaking Viking.

Congrats to Michael Phelps on his 8 gold medals. Olympic History man. That is epic. This man is a straight up BEAST! I actually got the chance to see the nail-biting 100m butterfly and the 4x100m freestyle relay. I freaked out to those. Michael Phelps came so close to having only 6 golds. What a beast for real. And what abs! (no homo) ^^

Congrats to Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser. Dalhausser is a tall freak of nature.

Usain Bolt seems like one cocky kid, but he sure hell is freaking fast. Roadrunner-status yo! Beep Beep!

And that controversy with China’s women’s gymnastics team being underage sucks. If it proves to be true, then damn. I have no words for that. But they sure do look young as heck.

I love Shawn Johnson <3. The end!

Wow! Just wow! Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Look at everyone who showed up! The party was really just awesome. The theme was superheroes and look! We all dressed up! There were a bunch of laughs looking back at how the church was. Those throwback vids of Winnie and everyone else were mad funny! Everyone did a great job in making me feel like a part of the family at church. I thought I wouldn’t really have a part in it, but I did. So thanks guys…seriously! Thanks to everyone who wrote to me and encouraged me and just talked to me. It was great. And who knew…my superpower is sweating?!? C’mon guys…who came up with that? NOT COOL! And I’m glad I’ll be remembered as the guy who likes to take off his shirt in public hahaha! I call Daniel Chin’s role for next year’s grad party guys.

I will miss you guys and the church for sure. It did become another home for me. I’ll be back to visit. I promise. But until then, prayers, blessings, and love always. – “Roy”

2008 olympics in beijing! 

Sorry guys for being late on talking about the Olympics. But China rocked it yo! That opening ceremony in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing was epic! If you didn’t see it, you seriously missed out! I’m gonna be in Florida during most of the Olympics, but yeah, I’ll try to keep up with it. Good luck to Michael Phelps on winning 8 (YEAH 8!!!) gold medals. He already won one today…7 more to go loL. This guy is a true beast and pure athlete yo! And let’s go Redeem Team…gotta get our gold medal back man! Let’s hope the Chinese get some gold medals too.